The event management consultancy, World Class Events (WCE), and the event safety consultancy, A.C.T (National), have announced a partnership that will see the two companies promote and raise higher Health and Safety standards throughout the UAE. The partnership will enable WCE and A.C.T to deliver training that will improve knowledge and understanding of safety processes in the region by providing all personnel working on events access to competent advice therefore educating the local workforce and the client at the same time.

John Adkins, managing director of WC,E said: “It was becoming increasingly apparent that there was a global requirement for WCE to have access to experienced and internationally recognised qualified safety consultants. Entering into a partnership with A.C.T allows us to make it part of the package that we offer to clients; it assists the client as they don’t have an additional element to source and we can ensure that all areas of safety and due diligence are covered from day one. The client has one point of contact and doesn’t have to deal with third party authorities without support.”