The 35th WOMAD festival came to a close at the weekend, yet the WOMAD management team has outlined its commitment to world music and culture by announcing that the festival will continue to take place at Charlton Park until at least 2030.

Charlton Park, owned by Lord Suffolk and his family, and the organiser of WOMAD have agreed a long-term partnership that will ensure the festival’s residency at the estate for more than a decade.

Chris Smith, festival director of WOMAD, said: “This was a WOMAD for the ages; one of our best programmes ever featuring a quite extraordinary melee of cultures, voices and musical styles, an incredible crowd who came in record numbers, and a very bright future for the festival, with our residence at Charlton Park extended until at least 2030.”

More than 100 artists from nearly 50 countries entertained more than 35,000 people at WOMAD 2017, making it the most successful ever in the festival’s 35-year history, according to the organising team.

Image: WOMAD/Mike Massaro