Festivals from seven countries across three continents were crowned winners at the second International AGF Awards ceremony, organised by A Greener Festival.

The ceremony took place at the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington, London, as part of the Green Events and Innovations Conference and was supported by Stack-Cup.

To be considered for an award, festivals must undergo a detailed assessment, a site visit, and analysis as part of the evidence-based Greener Festival Award scheme. Winners are those who scored highest across ten categories over the last 12 months. The International Greener Festival Award is the highest overall scoring festival, across all festivals that were assessed globally.

Co-hosts Ben Challis and Claire O’Neill, of A Greener Festival, presented the AGF Awards.

The winners were:

International Greener Festival Award

AGF Greener Transport Award
Cambridge Folk Festival (UK)

AGF Community Action Award
Greenbelt Festival (UK )

AGF Circular Festival Award
(for reduced waste & resourcefulness)
Øya Festival (NO)

AGF Greener Catering Award
DGTL Festival Amsterdam (NL)

AGF Greener Power Award
The Green Gathering (UK)

AGF Pied Piper Award
(for greener communication)
We Love Green (FR)

AGF Greener Creative Award
Wonderfruit Festival (TH)

AGF Water and Sanitation Award
(Supported by MSS International)
Strawberry Fields (AU)

AGF Greener Innovations Award
Composting System @ Sziget Festival (HU)