We Are OPS, a female-led, event operations agency, catering for a UK-wide audience, has been launched today (May 18).

The agency, which wishes to address the gender-balance within the events industry, is led by Yasmin Galleti, director, and senior female members of staff at We Are The Fair.

From licensing and traffic management, to liaising with local residents, businesses and local authorities, We Are OPS will provide organisers with the “full package”. 

The core team comprises Sarah Tew, health and safety advisor, Jan Rankou, operations manager, and Francesca Boden, health and safety advisor.

We Are OPS is a stand-alone offering from the team behind event production and creative production companies We Are the Fair and We Are Placemaking. Both agencies are headed up by Nick Morgan, an event safety expert. Morgan is supported by director, Rob Dudley.

Galleti said: “Since I started out in the industry 12 years ago, we’ve seen the workforce on site and behind the scenes become more balanced, but it still feels women are working in the shadows, not being given the platform or recognition that they deserve for their work. I feel proud and blessed to be part of a company that celebrates the female attitude towards event operations, especially in the area of health and safety, which is still a very male-led faction of the industry.”