With many traditional Christmas lights, fayres and markets cancelled this year, Vodafone has created a new twist on a Christmas classic – a 5G-powered light display, bringing to life Christmas drawings from children across the UK. And for every card designed, Vodafone will donate £1 to Barnardo’s.

The light display – installed on the side of Bristol’s Cabot Circus – measures 23 x 16 metres, is comprised of 1,600 bulbs and is the work of Fix8Group, NoNonsense Group and The5Gs.

Members of the public are encouraged to create a festive drawing, take a picture of it on their phone and share it on social media using #ConnectTheMagic. The images are then be sent back via the same social media platform used to submit the illustration, via the comment or original tweet.

The designs are live streamed every evening in December between 5pm and 9pm, and can be watched live via the Vodafone hub. Participants will automatically receive digital images of their creations up in lights to be used as Christmas e-cards, no stamps required.

Nick Jeffery, chief executive officer of Vodafone UK, said: “Keeping everyone connected has been our number one focus this year, and we want to do everything we can to keep people connected to the magic of Christmas, as well as to each other. We will give children the opportunity to see their Christmas cards up in lights, as well as to share them electronically with their friends and family.

“We want as many children as possible to help us ‘Light Up’ Britain while raising vital funds for Barnardo’s.”