Cube International and its key partners, ACT National and OnePlan, have launched the Safe Event Scheme website and event planning studio app.

The Safe Event Scheme is an initiative devised to help the events industry get back on its feet and allows venues, rights holders and event operators to plan, manage and implement a responsible set of standardised safety measures.

The Safe Event Scheme logo is a simple way for people to recognise sporting and cultural events that have been planned, produced, and managed safely and responsibly. Responding to the COVID-19 challenge, the Safe Event Scheme promotes responsible event safety compliance. Events accredited by the scheme can demonstrate their commitment to operating responsibly and provide assurance to event visitors, spectators, staff and participants.

The scheme involves a standardised three-stage process which covers the planning, infrastructure and operational elements of any event, the planning, provision and performance, and which can apply to any event type, whether local or global. The processes involved will incorporate industry- leading commercial and compliance expertise, best-in-class operational support, and global-leading event technology solutions.

The scheme is being administered by Cube International in collaboration with ACT National, the event health and safety consultant, and OnePlan, the creator of the event planning platform.

Chris Woodford, Act National’s director, said: “ACT National are delighted to be involved in the Safe Event Scheme. This is an easy and affordable way for many event organisers to access not only a professional and competent pool of event safety advisors, but also allows that same ease of access to a competent and professional group of companies and individuals, all with incredible international reputations. Only by working together will we raise, and ultimately set standards that can be recognised everywhere.”

Paul Foster, founder and CEO of OnePlan, commented: “OnePlan’s advanced technology combined with the safety and risk expertise of the Safe Event Scheme creates a powerful proposition for events. The timing is perfect and we are excited to support the restart of the global events industry.” 

Andy Moss, CEO of Cube International, explained: “During these unprecedented times, we are fully committed to helping our clients, partners and the wider events industry to recover with confidence from the current shutdown period. We are extremely proud to be working with our partners in the delivery of the Safe Event Scheme which we hope will help event organisers and operators at all levels to embrace the new normal and yet still deliver fantastic events the public know and love.”

The objectives of the Safe Event Scheme are to offer the following key benefits:


  • A comprehensive and integrated best practice solution with flexibility to meet specific needs.
  • It enables event planners to encompass COVID-19 measures without compromising other statutory and commercial obligations.


  • It offers event partners an assurance mark, showing a robust commitment to the safe and responsible planning and management of the events which they support.
  • It promotes a culture and ethos for all those working within the event, during its planning, build, operation and de-rig phases.


  • It provides those wishing to attend events with a recognisable assurance mark, giving them the confidence to enjoy the events they love.