ReForm, the UK architect, together with engineer, Elliott Wood, have developed a concept design for a reconfigurable structure to reduce crowd densities and support social distancing measures at large-scale outdoor events.

As lockdown eases across the world, the global events industry is faced with a new set of challenges to ensure safe and successful visitor experiences. In response to this challenge reForm and Elliott Wood have developed a concept for a new structure, The Tree Line.

The structure, originally developed as a walkway for global horticultural events, has been redesigned as a temporary structure that can be quickly erected and demounted and can be reconfigured for use across multiple sites. When implemented as part of a movement strategy, the structure enables one-way circulation, reduces crowd density at ground level and supports the implementation of social distancing measures.

As an elevated walkway the structure offers exciting new viewpoints for visitors and new creative opportunities for event organisers. Inspired by the stem and leaves of a plant, the structure includes a meandering walkway with separate viewing platforms and access ramps at each end.  The design is based on a transportable length, fully pre-fabricated off site so that it can be erected quickly on site.

Gary Elliott, founder of Elliott Wood, said: “In the short-term these structures provide the events industry with a tool for reducing crowd density, longer term they add a new dimension to the visitor experience.”

Nik Randall, managing director of reForm, commented: “The beauty of Tree Line is that it addresses the challenges currently faced by many events and takes that opportunity to enhance the visitor experience.”