Promotional feature

Ticketline, the UK’s leading independent ticket partner is delighted to announce the launch of Fanticks, a fan-to-fan re-sale marketplace that places real fans first, enabling them to sell unwanted or spare tickets to gigs, festivals, comedy, theatre, sports and many more.

All tickets listed on Fanticks are inspected and verified prior to publication to ensure tickets are being promoted fairly, with a price cap of at most 10 per cent over the face value, and the tickets are for a genuine event. This delivers substantial confidence to both the buyer and seller, ensuring the seller gets paid for their unwanted tickets, and the buyer pays for the ticket at a sensible and ethical price.

Buyers obtaining purchased tickets couldn’t be easier. Both e-tickets and physical tickets can be listed. E-tickets can be downloaded once purchased, and physical tickets can either be posted or exchanged in person between the buyer and seller. Fanticks provides a secure communication platform for both the buyer and seller to discuss the exchange of tickets using an in-built messaging system where arrangements can be made to exchange tickets.

Tickets sold and distributed by Ticketline can be listed on Fanticks, and from all other ticket agents which are qualified on our extensive event database to safeguard and qualify ticket listings are genuine. Fanticks additionally caters for buyers looking for tickets for sold out shows, with a host of options to alert them to tickets for specific events and venues and are kept informed when tickets becoming available.

James Lee, head of marketing at Ticketline, says: “We are delighted that we have enhanced our product offerings for our customers with Fanticks. We built Fanticks to provide our customers with an easy, fair and ethical resale platform for both buyers and sellers to sell unwanted tickets at the face value or less and make sold out events accessible and affordable to fans, and Fanticks delivers on this promise.”

In addition to the intuitive, flexible and tailored end-to-end ticketing solutions, Fanticks completes an all-encompassing ticketing product portfolio offered by Ticketline to support and grow ticket sales for its clients, whilst ensuring the customer is able to obtain tickets.

Other products that Ticketline’s clients currently extensively utilise include Ticketlight, the easy to use self-service ticketing system with extensive reporting, real-time scanning and seating map editor and The Ticket Network, the customisable ticket sales reward programme built for promoters to enhance and reward existing fans to sell tickets on their behalf and enhance their social media influencer marketing strategy.