Trevor George Entertainment, the event entertainment supplier, has been acquired by Sternberg Clarke, the London-based entertainment and speakers’ specialist.

Trevor George will maintain its base in the south west, as well as opening new offices in Manchester and Hull, where it will bring its expertise and understanding of regional requirements to the Northern events sector.

The new partnership will see Sternberg Clarke continue to assert its presence in the capital, while Trevor George will focus on the entertainment requests of the North and rest of the UK.

Adam Sternberg, director of Sternberg Clarke, commented: “Trevor George has a long-standing history in entertaining and shaping the UK’s live event scene and we are thrilled to join forces with such a respected name in the entertainment business. We are combining two business cultures with a shared outlook for bringing amazing performances to the events sector. By combining our understanding of the capital and Trevor George’s unbeatable regional expertise, we are set for a very exciting 2017.”