A new study by Marble LDN has found that there will never be a replacement for face-to-face interaction with “experiences” accounting for 70 per cent of regular customer acquisition.

Marble LDN’s The State of the Experience Industry: The Changing Face of Events says that although social media, paid digital advertising and physical marketing nurtures leads and build brand awareness, live events provide a valuable opportunity to form in-person connections. In response to this shift, experts predict that by 2020, the consumer experience will overtake price and product as key brand indicators.

According to the Marble LDN report, respondents were asked where they saw the experience industry going in the coming years and 26 per cent said that brands would be using more unique and unusual event design and/or venues, and 27 per cent thought brands would be personalising event content based on collected attendee data.

Furthermore, consumers want to feel connected to a product and experiences allow brands to show their human side, so it’s no wonder that 63 per cent of marketers plan on increasing the number of live events they organise and 90 per cent of marketers believe live events are an essential part of the marketing strategy.