Stageco, the staging and temporary structure specialist, successfully delivered staging for the Foo Fighters as they performed two consecutive nights at the 80,000-capacity London Stadium.

Essentially treated as a one-off for Stageco, the Foo Fighters played under a regular Super Roof, the company’s second largest after its XXL model, which was constructed within three days by a team headed by David Van Assche, who held the same position last summer on several other tours.

Van Assche commented: “This roof came from another one-off in Hamburg. On a tour, we could take half a day off of the build time, but one-off shows like this don’t carry the same momentum. It was a heavy build for us, at one point we had 20 people working on this.”

The equipment arrived at the former London Olympics venue in Stratford in 17 trucks. Twelve Stageco crew including some new staff, set to work on the build with assistance from 15 local crew climbers and 15 hands. The roof was lifted using  computer-controlled winch devices.

The stage was reinforced to be stronger than usual in order to offer a weight capacity of 40 tonnes of production, including PRG’s lights and an upstage WinVision screen, which was configured within a flown diamond-shaped frame. Measuring 25 metres wide between its towers and 61.12 metres between the edges of the large PA and video scaffolding wings, the stage had a depth of 15-metres and a trim height from the floor to the bottom of the truss of 16.55 metres.

Stageco’s client was Roy Morley of Site and Event Logistics who was working on behalf of the promoter, SJM Concerts. The company also coordinated the build with production manager Bret Chin-Quan, tour manager Gus Brandt and stage manager Andy Pollard. In addition to the stage, Stageco provided the two front of house risers and four delay towers that incorporated PRG’s remotely controlled spotlights.