Site Event has announced the launch of INDICATE, the UK’s first app for managing toilets at large-scale events.

INDICATE is an intelligent tool for managing toilets at large-scale events. The INDICATE app allows organisers to increase the performance of toilets at events, providing a live overview of all operating units during the event.

Using the alert system allows event organisers to ensure all units are kept clean and topped up with consumables throughout an event, but also to safeguard attendees. The system will send an alert if there is someone in the unit for a set period of time, identifying potentially vulnerable attendees.

Site Event‘s new tool will provide post-event analysis across the sanitation facilities, from water and waste usage to customer flow as well as comparison data to improve the layout and positioning of toilets for optimal distribution and efficiency.

INDICATE comes with built-in sensors capable of sending and receiving data. This will give organisers the best experience while maximising productivity.