Simply Cups, a cup recycling service, has launched an Events and Festivals division complete with its own range of cups and bins. This will provide organisers with a sustainable, and commercially balanced, cup solution possible by “guaranteeing zero cup waste”.

It has been estimated that UK festivals and events generate 23,500 tonnes of waste each year, using more than 100 million single-use beverage cups. The new division aims to address this through a cup supply and collection service coupled with re-use and recycling.

“Events and Festivals pose some of the most challenging operational environments,” says Simply Cups’ co-founder, Peter Goodwin. “But, with our vast experience in this sector and our position as the undisputed authority on cups, we believe we have the most complete solution to greatly improve the sustainability credentials of any large-scale show or event.”

Customers can rent or purchase from the range of branded cups, for both hot and cold drinks, that are designed for either re-use or recycling. Also for hire is a range of robust “binfrastructure”, to collect the cups after use, together with bespoke branding that can be either retained for re-use or recycled after the event.

Once the event has finished, the company then sends a single vehicle to collect all of the used cups. Re-usable cups are then sent to a state-of the-art washing facility for cleaning and restocking, whilst single-use cups are recycled into new, functional products. A report highlighting the success is then produced.

According to Rachel Goodman, who heads up the Events and Festivals division:

“One overlooked factor, from our experience, that generates waste is over-stocking. This is particularly the case when the cups have been branded and, thus, cannot be used for future events. This is not necessarily the fault of the organisers, who cannot manage uncontrollable factors such as the weather and attendee numbers, but this could be as much as 20 per cent of all cups bought.

“This is now no longer a problem for organisers, as we will ensure that any unused cups will be credited and put back into stock, instead of being thrown.”