Showcase avi’s new Live Streaming department understand’s that even in the current climate people want and need a live event experience. Social distancing, limited capacities and lack of travel now means, in traditional terms, a large live event is just not possible. That is why it has teamed up with St. Ermin’s Hotel in London to offer a hybrid event solution. This hybrid offering, a combination of a physical and virtual audience, is the latest addition to Showcase’s Live Streaming products of which the virtual “Live Studio” offering has already been a success.

Ben Collings, managing director of Showcase avi, explained: “We understood the need to change the way we delivered events and were keen to ensure that the solution was not just a ‘live stream’ feed against a soulless backdrop. Our ‘Live Studio’ offering allows us to design any backdrop environment but with this Hybrid solution we can create an event in it’s true sense, with a live audience and maintain maximum numbers.”

Showcase’s Hybrid event option, which combines a mix of a live event and live online streaming, tackles the challenges that every event organiser is currently facing giving them exactly what they are looking for: An event with a buzz, an atmosphere and maximum audience numbers.

This partnership draws on both parties understanding of what makes a successful event and the ability to deliver it, giving you so much more than just another streaming service. Showcase’s 20 years experience ensures that the event is seamless as they don’t just run your event, they design and produce it as well. Add in St. Ermin’s and you get: flexible event spaces, an accessible location in Westminster and if you want them, accommodation and catering packages. The result, a great live event that complies with the restricted governance for meetings and events.

Tom Walsh, director of dales at St. Ermin’s commented: “ Showcase Live Streaming hybrid events is just what the industry needs right now. The technical ability to blend the live event and live streaming should not be underestimated, and that’s one of the main reasons we have chosen to partner with Showcase avi.”