Set Live, the experiential and live events agency, has announced its rebrand as Set Creative.

This move follows the unity of the family of agencies operated by Set Experience Group and is complemented by a universal brand refresh.

Set Creative consolidates retail experience-focused Set, live events agency Set Live and custom fabrication shop Bespoke, under one robust brand, uniting teams across offices in London, New York, Portland and Los Angeles. The combined offer delivers a suite of services across experience strategy, creative, design and delivery.

Under the leadership of Interim CEO Kurt Kujovich, Set Creative will continue to deliver experiences and activations, live events and pop-ups, as previously showcased in its work for brands including Heineken, Google and Bentley.

Guy Tremlett, chief creative officer at Set Creative, commented: “We noticed an increasing crossover in the work, approach and skills of our agencies, so it made sense to share those skills and expertise across teams. It allows for greater creativity and simplifies our external marketing and internal structure.

“Furthermore, the demand for more flexible experience projects across a range of disciplines was also increasing. With Set Creative, all our areas of expertise are available at all locations and clients now have the chance to work with us across different internal departments through a single point of contact.”

The launch is supported by a new brand identity including an updated logo, design palate and refreshed website.

Beyond Interim CEO Kujovich and CCO Tremlett, Set Creative will be led global operations director Catherine Smee, managing director North America Alan Doyle, group account director Prashant S. Kulkarni and executive creative director North America, Dan Carter.