Hi #eventprofs,

Another week, another dollar and of course, much more news to tell you.

This week we’ve had a report released by the London Assembly Police and Crime Committee urging the event to increase its security. Last year 15 injuries were reported, a number of which were near fatal. Despite the 13,000 officers, combined over the two days, working on the event, more action, they say, is needed.

Security seems to be a running theme this week, with Download festival announcing changes to its event, one area of which being safety. It has changed its security contractor, “ensuring that all briefings of all security staff are vastly improved and that a high level of customer service will be one of the main things they focus on”. It has also adjusted its disabled access, campsite layout and management, traffic management and main arena.

Lastly, a new running event is coming to the scenic Richmond park. Organised by CSM Active, the London 10 mile hopes to attract 10,000 runners to participate in the event, which will take place on June 4, 2017.

In more Stand Out related news, we are only three weeks away from Event Buyers Live! The VIP industry network event will take place on February 8-9, at the Hilton Heathrow Hotel and all systems are go-go-go.

Also, on a final point, as I write this post, Donald Trump is a mere hour away from being sworn in as the next President of the United States. As an industry, we build bridges, not walls. Remember that.

Until next week,