Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, has revealed that Scotland will move to Level 0 on July 19, with further restrictions to be reviewed on August 9.

Confirming the change to Level 0, Sturgeon urged people to adhere to protective measures and sensible precautions to suppress coronavirus to help create conditions that allow Scotland to move beyond Level 0 on August 9.

From July 19, physical distancing in Level 0 will reduce to one metre in all indoor public settings and outdoors. Up to 200 people will be able to gather at weddings and funerals and hospitality settings can stay open until midnight.

Most significantly, there will still be limits on the size of events and stadia attendances – but these will increase outdoors to 2,000 seated and ,1000 standing, and indoors to 400.

As of now, organisers will be able to apply to stage larger events.

Sturgeon said: “While Scotland will move to Level 0 from next Monday, we will do so with certain modifications to our original indicative plans. This is intended to ensure that our pace of easing restrictions is sensible in light of the challenge we continue to face from the Delta variant. There is no doubt that Delta has become, unfortunately, something of a game-changer – even for countries on course to achieving full vaccine protection – so COVID does remain a threat that we must treat seriously.

“The Scottish Government understands the temptation to lift more restrictions more quickly. In our view, and in line with clinical advice and modelling, a gradual approach stands the best chance of minimising further health harm and loss of life – and also because a gradual approach stands the best chance of being a sustainable approach, it will be better in the long term for the economy as well.

“We are easing restrictions next week – but we are not abandoning them. We will also keep in place for now certain other measures – such as the requirement to wear face coverings, co-operate with test and protect teams, and comply with advice on good hygiene and ventilation.

“If we do all of this, frustrating though it all continues increasingly to be, we will help protect ourselves and our loved ones. As we continue to complete the vaccination programme, which does offer us still the route back to greater normality, we will make it easier for more restrictions to be gradually and sensibly lifted in the weeks ahead.”

Image: Peter Cordes/Unsplash