Deployed on secure Cloud-hosting platforms, ASPIRE EVENTWARE event management solution helps enhance guest experiences by creating tailor-made events just for them.

ASPIRE offers a system to discreetly monitor guests around your event, allowing them to focus on their day without countless registrations or disruption.

  • No paperwork or barcode scanning – RFID technology scans automatically via tags and portals. Each tag or wristband is unique to the individual guest.
  • Make an impression with streamlined, contactless check-in processes
  • Guests feel special with customised messages and gifts
  • Controlled access avoids overcrowding
  • Allocate and track items for collection or return

Stay focused on your guests…

ASPIRE RFID tracking helps you never lose visibility of who your guests are, where your guests are or what your guests need.

Digital integration makes it easier to connect to your audience and manage your guests across multiple sites with all data visible in one place.

By understanding what is working at your event you can act immediately to improve results.

ASPIRE gives you real-time overviews allowing immediate analysis and providing a way to evaluate effectiveness and identifying new revenue opportunities.

  • See who registers where and when
  • Understand traffic flow and redirect guests to quieter areas
  • Deploy staff to busy areas
  • Keep logistics running smoothly – know exactly which items need restocking
  • See how attendees interact with your event across demographics, accounts, products, areas
  • Instantly know who the most popular speakers are, and which sessions have most attendees

Post COVID-19 times…

With ASPIRE RFID technology, crowd density is easily calculated to avoid overcrowding. Sanitation compliance can also be tracked providing safe and clean events.

  • RFID technology is completely contactless
  • Dashboards highlight attendance and capacity issues immediately

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