A new survey commissioned by OnBuy.com, the online marketplace, has revealed which items British people are prioritising to purchase for UK events and festivals.

More than 1,420 people who are attending one of more music festivals this summer were surveyed – to discover the “big” items they are most likely to prioritise buying and how much on average they are looking to spend per given product.

The survey found that a tent (76 per cent) is the item most Brits are ranking top of their shopping list and £34.00 is the average amount they are willing to pay. Thereafter, 71 per cent are going to purchase a sleeping bag and will fork out an average of £15.00 for it.

A necessity for making it easier to walk in muddy conditions at outdoor music festivals, 66 per cent will be getting waterproof shoes and on average splash out £21.00 on a decent pair. Given the limited availability of power sources at music festivals, 62 per cent are going to invest in a portable charger pack and aim to spend an average of £10.00 for the device.

Fifty-seven per cent of respondents desire a portable Bluetooth speaker and expect to pay an average of £12.00 for one. Just 24 per cent of festivalgoers are buying a large cooler box to keep their food and drinks chilled – spending an average of £29.00.

Thirty per cent of respondents want a sturdy folding chair, with a torch (72 per cent) being the item the respondents will forget to take. Subsequently, 64 per cent are not going to remember to pack batteries.

Cas Paton, managing director of OnBuy.com, commented: “For many, music festivals are the pinnacle of their summer. An opportunity to have a fun adventure with friends and watch some amazing musicians perform in a lively environment. In all the excitement and anticipation, it can be easy for festivalgoers to overlook packing essential items.

“This research certainly showcases what Brits think these items to be, with some very surprising findings. Likewise, it provides an insight into the items Brits most intend to buy and what prices they are willing to pay for them – with camping gear and small electronics seemingly a very high priority for attendees this year.”