Nick Kenton, head of corporate events and hospitality at Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, discusses new event space, MK-7, his inspirations and event trends

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing has launched MK-7, an exciting venue and events space – what can you tell us about MK-7?

MK-7 aims to give the industry unrivalled access to the world of Formula One, at the same time offering organisers the opportunity to align their event with one of the most innovative brands on the planet.

The space is state-of-the-art, showcasing the history of one of the sporting world’s most iconic teams and presents the perfect backdrop from which to deliver a first class experience for guests.

The ground level open area hosts up to 450 guests with access to an impressive boardroom behind a glass screen and two breakaway rooms. However, for me, what really sets this venue apart is the stunning display of original Red Bull Racing cars representing each year of our Formula One history. Exhibited in a fan formation in the main space, they take your breath away. And the view is even better from up above. By accessing the 40-capacity mezzanine upstairs, our guests enjoy the entire fleet of 14 cars in one spectacular view.

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing is well-established in the field of hospitality – what are the secrets to great event and customer experiences? 

Red Bull Racing is known for its world-class sporting prowess and that level of excellence is evident in everything we do from a hosted race-day experience in the Paddock Club to a tour of our factory.

When we stage an event at MK-7, we make sure our customers are at the heart of every planning decision. For us it is key to ensure each individual need is catered for to deliver a bespoke experience for every single client.

What trends are you seeing within the current events and hospitality sector? ​

The trend that really stands out is that some customers are no longer planning in advance but come to us with event enquiries with very short lead times.

We also notice that organisers are becoming hungrier for unique spaces with that extra “wow” factor to make their guests’ experiences more inspirational and memorable. So, venues with that additional impact, whether that be by design or location, definitely have the edge.

Where do you get your event inspiration from?

At Red Bull Racing we work in a very dynamic world that is constantly evolving and, similar to the track team, we aim to stay ahead of the game. We make it a priority to keep up to date with the latest developments across the industry while bringing our own new ideas to the table to ensure our clients have the best possible experience.

What’s next for MK-7 and what does the future look like?

We’re still in our inaugural year as an event venue but we are delighted with the reception we have received so far. It’s early days but as you would expect from our brand, we are ambitious and aim high.

For now, we will continue to build on our MK-7 offering and work hard to establish ourselves as one of the major players in the venue market. In our first year of business, our event calendar has a very healthy number of bookings, which gives us confidence to keep pushing the boundaries. And we already have many clients rebooking which is the best validation we can get to show we are getting it right.