Protec European Events, the event production company, partnered with Xerox to deliver the audio, lighting, video and rigging at the Xerox Forum 2018, which was held in Warsaw, Poland.

The event, held in the Doubletree Hilton from May 22-24, included three days of presentations and 23 seminars. Xerox hosted 400 of its graphic communications customers, resellers and business partners from around the world to hear the voice of the industry and provide insights.

Wayne Jackson, project manager at Protec European Events, commented: “Load in was from a main road so it was difficult for the artic truck to position itself sympathetically. It was important for the crew to be able to offload the truck safely but also to maintain public access to the underground carpark, as well as allowing safe use of the road by local traffic.These factors coupled with an unreliable hydraulic platform lift made things quite challenging but the team remained positive throughout, loading in on time and creating minimal disturbance.”

Several hundred metres of fibre were ran to allow flexibility in terms of where the front of house was positioned at the event. Projectors were also networked to allow the event team control and monitoring, allowing them to be able to react to any issues swiftly.

“On a tight budget we needed a flexible multi-purpose fixture that could cater for all needs – walk-ins, stage and back lighting, audience blinders and sweeps for the reveal section. This fixture is adaptable and versatile, capable of strong beam effects, washes and effects lighting.

“We overcame last minute stage change challenges due to the ease and versatility of this fixture. The lighting worked excellently and combined with the client’s well designed content and the 20k Barcos, we had no issues with blowout and the lighting didn’t interfere with the projected image in any way.”

Evelyn Truter, marketing programme and project manager at Xerox International Operations, added: “I have two words that come to mind when I think of Wayne and the Protec team, ‘professionalism personified’ – they have creative ideas, technical agility and flexible even under ‘show’ pressure.We have a great working relationship with them, they understand our business, they know the personalities and our goals are aligned – we make both our companies successful – now that’s true partnership.”