Protec teamed up with Envie Events, to deliver Sensation, one of the most travelled electronic music events in the world.

Protec provided the full production infrastructure for the fourth edition of Sensation, held at Dubai’s Meydan Racecourse. Working with Envie Events, which produced, organised and promoted the event, Protec combined its resources to provide industry standard video, audio, lighting, backline, stage and set elements and full rigging services.

Tasked with project managing the event for Protec was Simon Travis, interfacing with Envie Events, Backbone International and the Sensation crew from Holland.

Travis commented: “The event itself was fantastic. This was due to the combined efforts of Envie Events, Backbone International, the Sensation crew and Protec. We worked together as a great team to ensure we could get everything built and the show delivered to the plan that had been designed. It’s always good to be able to come up with innovative and creative solutions, what resulted was a fantastic show for an audience with great energy.”

Nicolas Vandenabeele, director of Envie Events, added: “It’s been an absolute rollercoaster with Sensation this year. I loved the sky rocketing energy and innovations tat were in the show, and all of it would not have been possible without the support of all our partners.”