Many of the live event industry’s trade bodies and businesses across the UK have joined together to bring attention to the dire straits the live events industry, and have issued a “Red Alert”, calling on the sector to shed light on the industry with a day of action on August 11.

PLASA has issued a statement calling on organisations, businesses and live events staff to put pressure on the Government and shine a light on the events industry by flooding social media and news channels with news of the sector’s plight.

Redundancies have started with research conducted last week indicating 10 per cent of companies planning issuing notices by the end of July, with an additional 15 per cent in August, Worryingly, 70 per cent plan to make redundancies by the end of 2020 with a fifth expecting to lose 70 per cent of staff.

Peter Heath, managing director of PLASA, commented: “The live events industry supply chain that contributes to every single event in the UK is set to completely collapse, social distancing prohibits mass events, and even if this stopped now, long- term planning for events won’t enable a return until around March 2021. Now the whole industry is coming together to initiate a Red Alert. We have been campaigning for financial support from the Government using #WeMakeEvents because the sector is on its last legs.”

James Gordon, CEO of Audiotonix, said: “As the first industry to stop working back in early March, we will also be the last to get our businesses working again, with ongoing social distancing making it impossible to open up live event venues to allow capacities that are commercially viable for all. Without an ongoing sector specific furlough scheme which other European countries have introduced, and other financial measures that will help our freelance workers who make up 72 per cent of this sectors workforce, we cannot secure the long term future of the UK’s leading, internationally respected and commercially contributing events industry.”