Eventbrite has discovered the emergence of more events for over 45’s, after it revealed that two million Brits of this age go to events at least once a week.

The ticketing company surveyed more than 170 self-confessed “everGroovers”, who say nothing will stop them from partying.

Forty-one per cent said that they have more party stamina than people half their age and 24 per cent claimed they rave more in their 40s than they ever did when they were younger.

When asked about what motivates them to keep partying, 44 per cent claimed it makes them feel young and 49 per cent revealed that they are more confident in themselves when partying now, compared to when they were in their 20s.

Paul McCrudden, head of marketing at Eventbrite, UK and Ireland, added: “We’ve noticed these ‘EverGroover’ events pop up on our ticketing platform in the last few years – from specific club nights that champion house and soul music, through to day festivals and even underground raves geared towards a slightly older crowd.

“When we spoke to 45 plus ravers about why they love to party so much, an overwhelming 58 per cent said they had made lots of new friends on the party scene too, which shows it’s as much about building relationships with like-minded people, as it is about going to live events, letting loose and having a good time.”