Hugh Phillimore, organiser of Cornbury Festival, has confirmed that the event will return in 2018.

In October 2016, Phillimore announced that the 2017 event would be the festival’s final outing. Yet, immense support from the local area has cajoled Phillimore, the festival’s founder, into carrying on after 14 years.

“So many people have sent messages since July,” said Phillimore. “Our audience love the event and want it to keep going. Literally hundreds of our supporters, together with bands, agents, managers, sponsors and media partners telling me I shouldn’t let such a jewel in the festival calendar end.

“The festival market has become a tough playing field over the last few years and very saturated, which led partly to my decision to leave whilst we were on a high. However the response has been so overwhelming with support for Cornbury to remain, it has caused a rethink on my part and I can confirm that we have decided to listen to public opinion and return next year as strong as ever in July 2018. If people still want us here, it would be foolish to stop now and 15 years does give us another great reason to celebrate!”

The over-riding message that finally convinced Phillimore pointed out that the festival was not his but belonged to its audience. “I’ve been humbled by the depth of feeling for this event and I now feel that I should keep Cornbury going as a worthwhile community event because it contributes to the local economy and seems to spread quite a lot of joy,” he continued.

Cornbury Festival will be staged at Great Tew Park from July 13-15, 2018.