The National Outdoor Events Association (NOEA), in partnership with A.C.T National, has announced one of the key set pieces for the association’s annual convention.

As part of the “it could never happen to me” theme, A.C.T National will welcome Bev Osborne, director of Training 4 Resilience, to host a workshop style session for delegates.

The NOEA Convention and Awards will take place on November 21 in Bath and includes senior leadership figures from across the outdoor events industry. Within the session, delegates will focus on “preparedness”, be that everything from the preparation of teams, to testing event plans and finding out which improvements are required. Osborne will present the audience with a live scenario and encourage collaboration amongst delegates to find different approaches to dealing with the issue.

Andy Grove, president of the National Outdoor Events Association, commented: “The convention content is now complete, and we’re excited about sharing more of the content with our members, and the wider events community. We’ve been delighted with our partnership with A.C.T National, they are a futures supporter of NOEA, but also a highly proactive contributor to the convention, and together we’ve created a great programme.”