Nexus Interactive Arts, a division of Nexus Studios, has created interactive store windows for Ted Baker as it launches its Spring Summer 17 360 degree “shoppable” film experience.

As part of the Keeping up with the Bakers campaign, the displays will be active across select stores throughout the UK and Europe from March 15 2017, and will encourage passers-by to immerse themselves into the seemingly utopian world of The Baker family.

By placing their hands onto palm print window sensors, peeping tom passers-by will be photographically caught in the act and their image composited into an element of the window set itself including a television, a window and a portrait on the wall.

Simultaneously, the same photo will be composited onto an emblematic image from the Meet the Bakers world and will be published on From there users will be able to share their image across social media channels.

Ted’s Regent Street store will also make use of Whispering Window technology which effectively converts the entire window into a speaker.

The Nexus team has integrated advancements in real time compositing and facial tracking to place the viewer within window displays and fully engage them in the world of the Bakers.

Luke Ritchie, head of Nexus Interactive Arts, said: “Ted Baker have been an absolute pleasure to work with. They want to experiment, have fun, and offer their customers a totally unique experience. During the production process we shared a simple goal; to aim for maximum engagement with the brand and campaign at street level in the most effortless way.”