Murder Inc’s iBeacon murder mysteries have been launched for event organisers looking to entertain guests with an interactive activity.

The murder mysteries, which are delivered through iBeacon technology, aim to provide engaging and challenging interactive content to a variety of mobile devices, so there is no need for event planners to hire specialist companies, actors, props and costumes.

Joe Moretti, director at Murder Inc, said: “People love a good ‘whodunnit’. Everyone thinks they have what it takes to solve the case, and murder mystery evenings are a popular entertainment. But not everyone is comfortable in a situation with live actors, where they may be called upon to play a part.

“I find traditional murder mystery events enjoyable, but I also find there are often long gaps between speaking to the actors, the time you get with them can be very limited, and the plots are therefore rather simplistic and one dimensional.

“At Murder Inc, we think we have found a fresh and original approach to traditional murder mystery entertainments. Our mysteries are fully rounded plots with a wealth of evidence to sift through and explore, delivered to each participant simultaneously.

“The games are fully contained within their own sets of iBeacons, which are portable, easy to set up, and can be used anywhere, time and time again.

“All you need to put on a murder mystery entertainment event, for any number of guests, is the free Murder Inc app and its corresponding Murder Inc iBeacon Murder Mystery Box. These contain a fully interactive murder mystery delivered via iBeacons, together with guides to hosting your event, tutorials, movie files, and a variety of support documents on a USB flash drive.”