As the events industry starts to see a few green shoots of activity, Stand Out magazine’s editor, Caroline Clift, calls on industry to keep going and get in touch…

Pinch, punch, first of the month. Guess what? I’m really excited. Why? Because, this month, I am going on site at TWO events. Yes, two. I’m ecstatic. I cannot wait to get my hi-viz on, and my steelies, and check out two incredibly different live events, each adopting a range of measures that will instil confidence in the public and participants.

Let’s be honest. The last few months have been so bloody awful. For many, the not knowing has been worse but now that our industry has a date that it can work to, it can start to open up. There is a lot of guidance available and a whole heap of organisers out there that are willing to share advice.

Over the last few weeks, I have had the enormous pleasure of talking to a number of you – Shropshire Festival’s Beth Heap, Henley Festival’s Nick Mattingley, Ascot’s Joanna Wales and Virgin Money Unity Arena’s Steve Davis and Jim Gee. All have opened up and given Stand Out the lowdown on lessons learned and measures put in place to make events run smoothly in this crazy new world that we live in. They give #eventprofs great insight, as they have all taken brave steps to run events when some have chosen not to.

You’ll be able to read more best practice in our upcoming Oct/Nov edition. We strive to do the best for our readership, which is why we continue to print Stand Out and serve the events industry. And we want to hear from you – we want to know your thoughts and ideas. The amazing #WeMakeEvents and #LightItInRed campaign brought our industry’s plight to the fore. But what now? What do you think we should do next? It’s clear that we need to push for an extended furlough scheme for events because whilst there are green shoots, let’s face it, recovery will not happen over night.

Indeed, as so many of you have had to make difficult choices over the best thing to do for your customers, visitors, traders and exhibitors, you are not alone. Stand Out has also had to make the tough decision to postpone Event Buyers Live until 2021. Our event model does not work with strict social distancing measures. The level of intimacy that our event nurtures would simply not work, so we have put our plans on hold until we can be together again, shaking hands and networking over dinner.

As a title, Stand Out stands with you. As editor, I support you wholeheartedly. The team is here to listen to your positive stories. Equally, if you want to rant, we’re here. Together, we are strong, so stay positive. Please let the team know if there is anything that we can do to help. We know that times are tough. We’re not oblivious to the realities that our sector is facing. But we must stay connected, big up all the achievements (even the small ones) and power through.