Max WiFi has launched its drone protection service; Drone Seeker, to give “the ultimate peace of mind for event, infrastructure and premises security”.

Focused on addressing the threat of drone activity, Drone Seeker’s Drone Protection Service works to avoid upcoming security threats posed by drones.

As drone usage, popularity and sophistication increases – the provision of security against attacks is now “a vital aspect of event and venue safety”. Drones are now used to penetrate fences to secure sites, as a spying tool, to illicit goods into forbidden places, drug smuggling, interruption of events, capturing sensitive data, to execute acts of terrorism and more.

Drone Seeker’s service is “passive, robust and creates a shield of protection for any type of event or venue”. It works by “locating and identifying the drone and pilot, empowering critical decision-making, altering behaviours” and alerting people, security or law enforcement.

The Drone Detection Service offers an” end-to-end, holistic and reliable solution using the most up-to-date RF signature information and data analytics to identify inbound unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)”.

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