A website that allows organisers the opportunity to plan their marquee requirements, compare prices and book a marquee within minutes has been launched by brothers, Bill and Tim Verwey.

Marquee Bookings utlilises a bespoke algorithm that inputs the details of the event including the size of the site, number of guests and even what type of furniture and flooring will be used within the marquee, and then produces a tailored quote specific to the needs of the event.

More than 100 marquee companies have already joined forces with Marquee Bookings, with 450 marquees currently available to hire on the website.

Organisers are able to book and pay for the marquee hire online, receiving the same price on marqueebookings.co.uk as they would booking direct with the supplier. Any changes to the event’s requirements can also be made on the website, with the updated quote produced immediately after the changes have been made.

Bill Verwey, founder of Marquee Bookings, commented: “We are taking marquee hire completely online, you can book hotels online, order your dinner through an app and compare car insurance prices so why can’t you do the same thing with marquee hire? Some organisers who may have never booked marquees before don’t know who to trust – we can offer expert advice when booking marquees for events, whether it be a wedding, a birthday party or a large festival.

“We have good relationships with our marquee suppliers and are all about transparency and keeping everyone in the loop. We are offering event organisers the power of choice, in a couple of clicks you know exactly what size marquee you need, you can see exactly what they look like and you can book within seconds. You don’t need to ring 20 different marquee companies and go back and forth with quotes, we have removed that whole process – saving organisers time and money.”

According to Verwey, Boomtown is set to trial the comparison site this year.