Festival management software company, Marcato Digital Solutions, is accelerating its expansion into the European market. Starting with the recent signing of six festivals hosted by Broadwick Live, Marcato will extend its domination of the European festival management industry this autumn.

“Over the years we’ve proven that our tools can deliver the requirements for some of Europe’s biggest festivals,” explained said Darren Gallop, CEO and founder of Marcato Digital Solutions. “It’s natural that our next step is to increase our existing presence in the market. Marcato’s network security scores an A+ rating being both SOC2 certified and compliant; these strong security measures have granted Marcato work with over 300 live events and festivals around the world each year.”
Marcato’s multiple product packages simplify the live event management process on a small, medium, and large scale, Marcato Light is designed for smaller events whilst its Standard, Plus and Enterprise products are designed for larger events and festivals
​​​​The different product tiers have enabled festivals, of all varieties, to use a system that is suitable for their specific needs.

“Marcato is one of the key systems used for the planning of Orkney Folk Festival,” said Alex Rodwell, festival committee, Orkney Folk Festival. “The integrated elements of Marcato deliver a powerful tool which is critical in distributing information amongst the team.”