This year’s Glastonbury featured a new venue, SAMULA: The Portal.

Created by Lucid, SAMULA: The Portal was designed and built by using a modular system of steel frames that can be flat-packed and re-used, allowing the company to build sustainable sets, shows and stages with minimal impact.

Helen Swan, co-director of Lucid, stated that Glastonbury’s Leave No Trace initiative played a huge part in the venue’s creation – it was essential that the event’s organiser and suppliers played their part in the initiative too. Hence, it was important for Swan and the Lucid team to lead the way with a sustainable stage design.

The structure, a 10m x 20m wide pyramid, concealed from the outside, was commissioned by Emily Eavis, co-organiser of Glastonbury, and Kerry Veitch of Glastonbury’s The Common.

Chris Carr, also co-director of Lucid, worked with Swan and the Lucid team on the project. Together, they also designed and built The Valley arena at Manchester’s Parklife.

Furthermore, the company is currently creating a new stage called The Lighthouse, which will be unveiled at Boomtown in August.