Budget: N/A

Deadline: 12pm (noon) on March 11

Contact: events@newham.gov.uk

Info: The London Borough of Newham has issued a tender as it seeks outdoor staging for the Under the Stars 2015 event. The one-year contract has the potential to extend for an additional year.

The council expects the event to take place from August 13-16 and it is anticipated that this contract will commence in April 2015.


Interested organisations should note that this tender is being run electronically and all proposals must be submitted through Newham’s Electronic Contract Tendering Resource (NECTR), and all interested firms must be registered on this system.

Any firm wishing to apply for this opportunity must do so by registering on NECTR. You will need to register with the NECTR category code for these services, which is 80141607 and/or 90150000.

Instructions on how to register are included in the ‘NECTR Quick Start Guide for Suppliers’, which is also available on this page.

Once you’ve registered your company, you’ll be able to find details of the tender on the NECTR Bulletin Board or My Tenders page. Alternatively you can search for the tender using its reference code: RD/EV/7808/AR.