Liverpool Football Club (LFC) has submitted plans to Liverpool City Council to increase the use of Anfield Stadium; these plans include hosting up to ten concerts or other non-team sporting events a year.

The football club aims to “broaden the uses of Anfield Stadium alongside Liverpool City Council’s aspirations to use music and sport to attract more visitors to the city”.The club has said that additional events will bring economic benefits to the city region, more job opportunities for people in the area and increased revenue for local businesses.

The events that the football club is proposing includes music concerts, non-team sporting events such as boxing, other team sporting events such as American football or Gaelic football and a wider range of screenings of football games, such as LFC away fixtures and international games.

LFC will be responsible for the event operations and will obtain the necessary licenses, working closely with other events professionals. Three possible stage settings are being considered dependent upon the requirements of the particular event. These options include a central stage, as well as a northeast facing stage and southwest facing stage.

An event utilising the central stage set up could potentially host up to 60,000 visitors, for end-on and side-on configurations all seats behind the stage will not be sold. If the council approves the football club’s plans, team events on the pitch would be able to be held immediately, as would the additional screenings of matches. Concerts and non-team sporting events would require an additional license.

In preparation for any potential concerns from local residents, the football club assured that the additional events would be “similar to or less significant than the activity taking place on a typical match-day”. They have also said that the expected event capacity for most events will be “between 47,000 and 50,000, which is lower than an average match day, with very occasional events of up to 60,000 for in the round concerts”.

If successful with the proposal, events could take place at the Stadium from May 2019.