NewDockRoyal Armouries (International) Plc has signed an exclusive deal with The Natural History Museum for New Dock Hall to house the Dino Jaws Exhibition for the whole of the 2014 summer holidays – exact dates of the exhibition are still to be confirmed as some of the exhibits are travelling back from Hong Kong where a large dinosaur exhibition is taking place.

James Vincent, managing director of Royal Armouries (International), commented: “There is always fantastic interest in anything ‘dinosaurs’ everyone I have spoken to immediately says ‘we’ll be there’. We are all very excited that this Natural History Museum branded exhibition is coming to NEW DOCK Hall, Leeds.”

Visitors will find themselves stepping millions of years back in time into a world populated by hungry dinosaurs. Dino Jaws will combine fun interactive exhibits with scientific insights, and a favourite exhibit is likely to be a huge mound representing several weeks’ worth of Euoplocephalus poo, which visitors can touch and examine to discover what the massive plant-eater ate.