Budget: N/A

Deadline: 9.30am on November 29

Contact: victoria.parrott@knowsley.gov.uk

Info: Knowsley Leisure and Culture Services is looking to programme a wide variety of events at Knowsley Leisure and Culture Park (KLCP) for years 2014-2016. Event production companies are invited to forward any proposals they may be touring throughout these years.

KLCP has a temporary theatre space/multipurpose space with staging, lighting and sound equipment, 602 raked seats and up to 150 seats on ground level.  Events so far have included theatrical performances, pantomimes, children’s live stage shows and concerts and it is envisaged that these types of events will continue over the years.  The team will consider hires, buy in productions and consider split ticket deals for events that have a wide appeal to the general public with particular emphasis on various tastes and a range of ages.

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