Which is the best box office system for you? With so many to choose from, that’s not an easy question to answer. From simply selling tickets to re-ordering stock for the bar, online ticketing solutions vary widely in functionality and cost. Claire Boot, writer and journalist, has compiled a handy guide to help you find the best box office system for ticketing and managing your event.


Ideal for: Small to large-sized venues and events

When it comes to value for money, TicketSource is hard to beat. Whether you’re selling 10 or 10,000 tickets, TicketSource is completely free for event organisers to use. There is no charge for recording your in-house cash, cheque and complimentary bookings. For free events, ticketing is completely free. For paid events, there is a small booking fee, however, TicketSource features one of the lowest rates of commission on the market.

The online-based platform bears all the necessary ticketing features, is very user-friendly, and has a dedicated support team available on email, live chat or phone should you need them. To top it off, TicketSource also offers a free telephone box office service for customers who prefer to book by phone, leaving you to concentrate on the running of your event.


Ideal for: Large sporting stadium events

With more than forty years in the business, Ticketmaster is ticket-selling royalty and they provide a variety of ticketing solutions for professional event organisers. You can partner with Ticketmaster directly and gain access to their huge database, in-depth audience analytics and targeted marketing. They also offer self-service ticketing, allowing you to quickly create your own events page and spread the word through social media. You can even set up payment plans to help customers manage the cost of pricier tickets.

See Tickets

Ideal for: Large-scale festivals and arena events

See Tickets is used by thousands of clients globally, but are mostly known for ticketing major festivals. Notably, See Tickets sold 150,000 tickets for Glastonbury in 29 minutes in 2015. Its bespoke service offers such features and white label event pages for your event, ticket ballots, fan club registration and more. Recently, See Tickets launched its Peer to Peer system that engages your best fans to help you sell more tickets, perfect for taking the labour of administration out of its ticket selling networks. You can also take advantage of its email promotions that go out to its hundreds of thousands of ticket-buying customers.


Ideal for: Medium to large-sized venues with on-site retail outlets

If you’re looking for an in-house box office solution tailored to your specific needs, meet PatronBase. PatronBase is the ticketing, retail and marketing system that does much more than sell tickets – PatronBase can re-order stock for your café bar and remind friends or members when it’s time to renew their subscription. If you’re transferring existing box office data, it takes care of the process and, after providing full training with the initial set-up, its support team is available by phone or email 24 hours a day.


Ideal for: Large venues with high turnover

For organisations generating at least £300,000 in revenue per year, Spektrix offers a highly-advanced box office system. From managing Gift Aid and VAT to selling gift vouchers and merchandise, Spektrix boasts an impressive range of features. Your customers can log in to their account through Facebook and, thanks to images added to the seating plan, check exactly what they’ll see from their seat. Spektrix takes no commission on sales, but charges a monthly fee scaled to your organisation’s revenue.

That’s Boot’s guide to five of the best box office systems  – but be sure to get in touch with providers, ask questions and read reviews. By weighing up the features and costs against your organisation’s size and needs, you’ll find the best box office system for you.

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