A free carbon calculator tool for indoor events has been launched by Julie’s Bicycle and ID&T.

Promoters and venue managers will be able to quantify the carbon emissions of indoor events. This new addition to the Creative IG Tools – a suite of carbon calculators developed exclusively by and for the creative industries – was launched by ID&T at its 40,000 capacity Sensation dance event at Amsterdam Arena.

The tool enables events professionals to quantify a range of impacts associated with an indoor event, including: energy, water, waste and travel.

“Getting to grips with actual environmental impacts is a huge step forward; the new IG Tool will help not just ID&T but promoters all over the world to step up to the climate challenge, ” commented Alison Tickell, CEO Julie’s Bicycle

The IG Tool is free and available here.

Added Carlijn Lindemulder, head of sustainability at ID&T: “It was a long time wish for us to be able to measure the environmental impacts of our indoor events. Working with Julie Bicycle on this exciting new tool gives Sensation the possibility to understands its environmental impacts, and design effective strategies to reduce them.”


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