Inspired Thinking Group (ITG), a technology-led marketing business, and KFC, have scooped the Best Motivational Event and Most Effective Agency Collaboration categories at the ICE Awards and Conference.

The awards are in recognition of KFC’s annual Restaurant General Manager (RGM) Fest, which was delivered in collaboration with its marketing and events partner, ITG.

KFC was recognised for its efforts in the Best Motivational Event category, following last year’s distribution crisis, for creating an honest, interactive and inspiring event that reignited trust amongst its 1,400 delegates.

ITG, alongside KFC, won the Most Effective Agency Collaboration award, through their full-service partnership, which included event design, content creation, production, and project management.

Neil Piper, chief people officer for KFC, said: “It’s amazing when you find a connection in both companies values and ways of working, as well as a chemistry with the groups of people, coming together to manage the events.

“We certainly feel that’s what we have with the team at ITG. With each year and each event that go by, the results get stronger and the teams get closer.

“We are always impressed with how intuitive, proactive and professional ITG are and just how much they care about getting it right. Observing the team craft and curate an experience for our #1 Leaders, all 1400 of them at our annual restaurant manager conference (RGM Fest) is mind blowing and a true sense of pride for me personally and for the organisation.”

Claire McCarthy, event director of ITG, said: “We’re delighted that our strong partnership with KFC has been recognised with a double win at the ICE Awards.

“We see ourselves as a true extension of the KFC team, sharing the same vision and investment in the success of its events across the UK.

“Following last year’s distribution crisis, KFC’s RGM Fest presented a fantastic opportunity to re-energise its community, and it’s fantastic to see this come to fruition with impactful results of increasing engagement and rebuilding trust within the organisation.”