The award-winning electric scooter from INOKIM, which has been transforming short distance travel in countries across the globe, including the US, Europe, Israel, Korea and Australia, is now available in the UK. Hitting speeds of 25km per hour, the high-end scooters provide a practical, quick and eco-friendly new solution for event and on-site teams.

Available online and from new central London store Scootin, located on the Euston Road, three models of the scooter, the INOKIM Light, Mini and Quick 3 are accessible to either buy or rent. INOKIM scooters are compact, simple to use with a twist and go function, and require no license on private land. Perfect for production teams, staff are able to travel safely and easily around an area and respond quickly to any urgent situations.

A full warranty and service is offered on all models, as well as a guarantee that rental prices will be lower than hiring any other vehicles for security purposes. Delivered to your door, the scooters are light and easy to return for rental contracts.

INOKIM scooters incorporate outstanding technical design, premium performance and are stylish and robust. Easy to use, with a push off and scoot away motion and weighing between 8 and 16 kilos, each model can carry a person weighing; 80 kg Mini, 100 kg Light, 130kg Quick 3. Running on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, it takes only five to six hours for them to fully charge, which means riders can enjoy 30 miles of uninterrupted travelling.

Available in a variety of colours, the scooters feature an LCD display, include full safety functions, and have been developed with a quick folding and lightweight mechanism. Riders can also take advantage of a smart-technology app, that empowers riders to protect their scooter against theft, and also services a social network community for INOKIM users around the world. All models can be zipped into a carrying case that has a shoulder strap for easy transfer between your locations.

Launched in 2009, INOKIM scooters are the brainchild of award-winning product designer-engineer-entrepreneur Nimrod Sapir. A true innovator that combines smart ideas and impressive design with alternative solutions for the modern consumer, Sapir is the recipient of several industry awards and is recognised as the first electric scooter designer to overcome the trade-off between performance and weight.
Nimrod Sapir, creator of INOKIM says: “I’m hugely excited for the UK launch of INOKIM. These scooters are not only aimed at the modern urbanite looking to travel in style and ease but also offer a fantastic solution for event, venue and production teams. Anyone can use it anywhere and the innovative design means they provide a practical and cost-effective short-distance travel alternative.”

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