Initials worked with Strongbow cider at Victorious Festival, Portsmouth, this weekend, bringing a summer-long live activation to a close.

The experiential specialist worked with the cider brand to create a branded arena with a 10-metre high Strongbow archer at its centre. Surrounded by a DJ booth made from speakers, a bar made from a shipping container and up-cycled furniture made from crates and barrels, The Strongbow Yard provided festivalgoers with a place to chill out in the day and dance at night.

Emma Sherwood-Smith, brand director for cider at Strongbow owner Heineken, said: “From years of festival experience, we know people want to create amazing memories with their mates. As the most eye-catching landmark on site, The Strongbow Yard was the best place to meet friends and relax with a refreshing pint, making the most of their time between bands.

“Curated by credible British DJs, the music set the atmosphere. As the sun set, we stepped things up with an impressive music-synchronised fire display. ”

Radio X broadcast live from The Strongbow Yard with DJs including Johnny Vaughan and Gordon Smart, extending the reach of the festival beyond those attending.

The Victorious Festival activation concluded months of Strongbow campaign activity to help people get the most out of their festival experiences.

In April, special promotional packs of Strongbow Original, Cloudy Apple and Dark Fruit ciders began being rolled out in stores across the UK, directing people to enter the Strongbow Epic Entrance competition. Nine competition winners and their friends were then parachuted, paraded and power-boated into their chosen festival in style.

At Victorious Festival, the third and final festival in Strongbow’s integrated campaign, three “Epic Entrances” took place. Competition winners were dressed as a mermaid, the Queen of Hearts and in 90s rave attire, with entourages ranging from sumo wrestlers to gold Strongbow men.