With less than one week to go until the official launch of UK Event Wellbeing Week, the EventWell co-founders and campaign team are urging event professionals to get behind the initiative to start the industry thinking and talking about managing stress levels and physical and mental health.

Early findings from campaign research has identified that one in three event professionals will suffer from an episode of mental ill health at some point in their lives and careers, and that 75 per cent have cited workload and responsibilities as the main cause of their current stress levels.

The team is looking to get as many event professionals to pledge to start, change or quit something for #EventWell17, which kicks off on the morning of September 18 with yoga, meditation and breakfast at No4 Hamilton Place, finishing on September 22 following a week of wellbeing led activities and events.

Campaign leaders state it is as simple as cutting out alcohol for a week or stopping smoking, cutting down on coffee, drinking more water, eating healthier meals, starting an exercise class, or simply making sure you get eight hours sleep. Anything that can counterbalance the effects of the pressures we face in our day to day event roles.

Mark Maher, events director at Boulevard Events, commented: “On a personal level, I know that my mental health is at its best when I exercise regularly and that’s been apparent to me for many years. The more I exercise, the happier I am, it’s just the way I’m wired. Everyone’s different to a certain extent, we don’t all need to go out and push ourselves to the limit every day, but there is no denying the relationship between exercise and mental health. Study after study has demonstrated the positive benefits of exercise, some following as little as 3 minutes a day. The question isn’t whether exercise is good for mental health, the question is – how do we get more people to do it?”.

The EventWell campaign team is looking to get more than 100 personal pledges.