Some of Hull’s biggest and most prestigious venues have joined forces to promote the area as a City of Music. Key partners have come together for the first time to promote and acknowledge the rich music culture in Hull as well as its history and its aspirations. Hull City of Music aims to encourage the experience of live music within the community through attendance, participation and education.

The group, made up of venues such as the Bonus Arena, Welly, Adelphi, Asylum, Humber Street Sesh and Hull City Hall, hopes that by joining forces the city’s live music scene will be put on the map in the same way as Manchester and Liverpool.

Hundreds of events take place every month across the city, and the group, which is working alongside Visit Hull and Hull City Council, will look to work together to promote Hull and all of its live music events as well as broaden opportunities for musicians in the city to develop a pathway to perform at both grassroots venues and the largest spaces and stages in Hull. It will also look to develop creative ideas to fundraise activities that support audience development and the talent pipeline, and to solidify Hull as a great city to visit for live music.

As part of longer term aims, the group hopes to not just inspire the next wave of local musicians, but to encourage young people to become involved in the music industry as promoters, technicians or involved in the recording of live music.

It is also hoped that by working together the city may be able to take a joined-up approach to hosting a multi-venue event similar to Live at Leeds or Tramlines in Sheffield, which attract thousands of visitors from outside of their respective cities.

It is the first time in at least 30 years that all major venues in the city have pledged to work together.

Members have already met with officials from the University of Hull to discuss how the city’s music offer may help to attract new students and further meetings with local businesses are planned.

Dan Harris, general manager at the Bonus Arena (managed by ASM Global), said: “Over the last few years Hull has welcomed some enormous bands and artists to the city, with even more planned in 2020. Hull City of Music gives all venues – regardless of size – the chance to come together and celebrate the rich cultural offering, promote the city’s grassroots acts and clear a pathway to continue to put the city on the musical map.”

VMS Live CEO Bert van Horck, which operates Welly, Welly 2 and the Polar Bear, said: “Multiple musical hearts from local government to enterprises and media have joined forces to emphasize the unique and vibrant live music scene in Hull. Music is a vital anchor in the social fabric of our society, and we will continue to drive this forward to the benefit of the audience and the musicians.”

Mark Page, festival director of Sesh Events, which manages and runs Humber Street Sesh and The Social, commented: “Sesh Events is delighted to play a part in the collective ambition to promote Hull as a City Of Music. We shall continue to provide platforms, develop industry pathways, build audiences and help promote the excellence of Hull’s blossoming music scene.”