The organiser of Houghton Festival has confirmed that the festival will return for 2020, taking place on the second weekend of August (6-9). The festival was cancelled in 2019 with the organiser citing bad weather fears.
Craig Richards, director of Houghton Festival, said: “As you are all painfully aware, on the morning of August 8, we were forced to bow to mother nature in the face of an unusually vicious storm. This year was to be the third in Houghton’s powerful and already well defined history. The strength of spirit created by the festival cancellation was a symbolic reminder of the integrity and resilience that exists within the electronic music community. Given the unprecedented circumstances we had no alternative but to stop the event ahead of the impending storm. Safety and wellbeing are of utmost importance, there is no justification for risking human life. The festival simply could not happen.
“Obviously, the consequences were devastating for all concerned. Our greatest fear, given the unpredictability of British weather was that having cancelled the event the storm would not strike as predicted. Such was not the case as the storm was far stronger than predicted, with ferocious winds realising incredibly dangerous speeds.
“An enormous amount of work goes into the creation of Houghton. After many months of planning, preparation and subsequently building, the festival site was presented in all it’s glory. Suffice to say dismantling it immediately after building it was indeed surreal. That said, we are confident that the decisions made at a time of extreme challenge were utterly correct. We take great pride in our reputation and have made every effort to recover swiftly and with dignity. Understandably, the aftermath has been extremely complicated but by navigating the cancellation process thoroughly and in a professional manner.”
He continued: “We feel this extraordinary debacle has now reached a satisfactory conclusion and are delighted to announce that the festival will take place next summer.”