Haymarket Media Group has formed a new partnership with Bicester Heritage and Historic Promotions, the team behind Flywheel, the festival of classic wings and wheels, held at a WW2 RAF Bomber Station.

Haymarket’s Classic and Sports Car Show, which made its debut at London’s Alexandra Palace in 2015, will join forces with Flywheel to create The Classic and Sports Car Show in association with Flywheel.

The partnership will see the creation of a major new event in the motor enthusiasts’ calendar, building on the success of Flywheel (which has just celebrated its third year) and hosted in Oxfordshire by Bicester Heritage, the national centre for historic motoring enterprise. Haymarket will partner with Bicester Heritage and Flywheel – produced by Historic Promotions – to develop this event, which will take place in June 2018.


Kevin Costello, CEO of Haymarket, says: “This partnership has real horsepower. Our track record in motoring media means we reach millions of petrolheads every month. Bicester Heritage has the ideal historic setting and Historic Promotions have built something unique with their wings and wheels experience, Flywheel. Together we will create an event that will come to define the popular heritage motoring experience.”

Daniel Geoghegan, managing director of Bicester Heritage, adds: “Bicester Heritage is about the future of the past and has at its heart a vision to secure a robust and dynamic future for historic motoring for everyone who enjoys historic vehicles. Partnering with Haymarket – and building on our established relationship with Historic Promotions through Flywheel – provides a wonderful platform for us to create a new way to bring thousands of enthusiasts together in the enjoyment of historic vehicles.”

Richard Grafton, commercial director at Historic Promotions, comments further: “We specialise in understanding the way to create and blend content together from the classic motoring, motorsport, aviation and military sectors, making live experiences which deliver as much to specialist collectors as they do to excited families. We’re really looking forward to working with Haymarket and Bicester Heritage to develop this exciting event combining two great brands in one superlative location for the perfect weekend!”