Hay Festival has unveiled an international brand refresh, designed by Pentagram, the independent design studio, to encompass its festivals, forums, special projects, digital player and Hay Festival Foundation.

Revealed ahead of next week’s Hay Festival Wales 2019 programme launch, the new identity is a “rich visual system” where a colourful tree with many branches represents a family of Hay Festival editions, covering the organisation’s various dimensions, geographies and channels.

Marina Willer, partner and designer at Pentagram, said: “We were delighted to be offered the opportunity to work with Hay Festival and to take on the challenge of creating a single visual framework for an organisation fixed in plurality. We set out to create a visual language and system to express more clearly the organisation’s activities and what connects them, creating an approach for the brand architecture that makes sense of their vibrant ecosystem of events, projects and vision, all under the invitation to ‘Imagine the World’.”

Cristina Fuentes la Roche, international director at Hay Festival, commented: “This is a new look for a new Hay Festival era. It has been a pleasure working with Pentagram to build a brand architecture that reflects all we do and resonates internationally. Over the next 12 months we have some exciting new developments to announce, from new activities at our roots in Hay-on-Wye to exciting new off-shoots around the world and look forward to doing so now in style.”

The next festival edition, Hay Festival Wales, takes place May 23 – June 2. While the full programme will be announced on March 26, a handful of early bird events are online now.