The Hastings Pier charity has told how the award-winning pier is open for business and ready to re-establish itself as a key event venue on the south coast.

Offering a potential capacity of up to 12,000 people, RIBA Stirling Prize winning Hastings Pier is appealing to the UK’s biggest promoters and events planners to use the pier for events and gigs during 2018 and beyond.

The move to increase footfall with an increased calendar of events for 2018-19 will be core to the pier’s move to become entirely self funded. With a musical history that includes The Who, Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd, the Hastings Pier Charity aims to fully re-establish Hastings Pier as one of the UK’s top venues.

Maria Ludkin, chair of the Hastings Pier Charity, commented: “We are delighted that the RIBA Stirling Prize recognises the community effort that went into the project to get the pier re-built as a beacon of regeneration in Hastings. As we move from grant-funded support to become completely self funded, we invite key promoters to visit our beautiful pier. We especially welcome public organisations to Hastings, especially BBC Radio One, BBC Proms and BBC Six Music to work with us for 2018-19.

“Earlier this year Hastings became a music city, with major music events such as Fat Tuesday, Voodoo Fest and the Hastings International Piano Concert Competition firmly putting Hastings on the music map. Hastings is a town undergoing major regeneration and the re-birth of Hastings Pier is a major part of that. The growth of the pier as a major UK and South East venue is crucial to the area’s much-needed economic growth.”

Hastings Pier is available for live music, dance events and festivals, funfairs, open-air markets, circuses, food and drinks fairs all with the backdrop of the “best new British building”.