The Government has confirmed that Christmas illuminated trails can go ahead. New National (No.4) Regulations, which address outdoor recreation, state that walking around the grounds (outdoor) of a venue to experience an illuminated trail is permitted.

However, the Government has stipulated that illuminated trails can only go ahead if the following conditions are met:

  • Strict social distancing and COVID-safe guidelines are implemented.
  • Each organiser/venue must ensure that crowds are controlled.
  • Visitors must not congregate around installations
  • Assurances must be given as to how visitor numbers will be controlled and how social distancing measures will be monitored and maintained.
  • Food and drink provision must be in line with measures set out in the Health Protection Regulations.
  • Promoters/organisers must make it clear to visitors that rules determining household groups and mixing are adhered to.

Image: Christmas at Kew/Culture Creative/Kew Gardens