GL events has launched the Raptor, a seating product for stadia and major events. The design offers all the safety features of traditional stadium seating; with the option for spectators to safely stand, too. Plus, Raptor can be incorporated into temporary grandstands as well as retrofitted onto any existing stadium seating product.

The new offering has been developed in partnership with the company’s stadium seating partner, KH Seating, with input from its clients in the world of football, and fan groups who have called for standing options for spectators.

The Raptor is a rail seat that offers a “stand first” solution, with comfortable seating as an option. An all-steel, galvanised rear guardrail creates a robust barrier between rows of standing spectators and is integrated into every tip-up seat. The design meets and supports capacity regulations, with each traditional seating position allocating space for one standing fan. Spectators can then stand, with the option to lean against the rail of the row in front, in a nod to the old-fashioned style of terracing.

“When developing products, our approach is very much like the airline announcement, ‘we’re here primarily for your safety, also for your comfort,’ and never more so than in the world of stadia and grandstands,” commented Chris Mansell, GL events UK director and general manager, Seating and Stadia. “Stadium managers, event organisers, and stadia suppliers like GL events UK are incredibly sensitive to what has, at times, been a tragic past for standing audiences; but the time is right to move forward and look to new, safer measures to deliver what much of football’s live audience desires. The Raptor could be the design solution that everyone is looking for.”